3 Reasons to Apply a Fall Fertilizer Treatment 

A lot of homeowners pay a large amount of attention to their lawns in the summer. The grass is growing steadily, and there is always a need to cut it several times throughout the summer months. What most homeowners tend to neglect is fertilizer treatments in the fall. This is not the time to cut back on treatments. In fact, fertilization of the lawns in the fall is just as important, if not more so, during the fall months.

Morning Dew & Moisture 

When you put down fertilizer in the fall you have a chance to benefit from the morning dew that works well with the fertilizer. If you are not trying to increase your water bill each money by watering the lawn getting your lawn fertilized in the fall will be beneficial to you. You will reap the benefits from the moisture of the morning dew that mixes with your fertilizer. It helps you maintain a healthier lawn.

The summer months can bring a lot of dry grass that has become hard to maintain. If you are trying to avoid this it works in your best interest to prepare for the months ahead.

Building Stamina Before Winter

If you have been maintaining your lawn for the fall season it becomes easier to build stamina and make your yard look presentable as the chilly winter months begin. If you have not, however, taken the time to fertilized your yard on a regular basis you may discover that it is much harder to keep your yard looking pristine when the winter months rolls around. You want to make sure that have the type of yard that can withstand those changes that occur as you transition from they fall to the winter months. When you have fertilized your yard and strengthened the soil it becomes easier to maintain it when weeds and other things make the attempt to grow during those winter months.

A Healthy Lawn

Overall, homeowners are going to be looking for a healthy yard. They want to be able to get the type of yard that is going to be less of a hassle when the seasons change. Sometimes the fall is a slow season. You may assume that it is going to be a windy time with very little growth, but grass can still grow during the fall. This means that there should be some fertilization in place to make sure that the grass is still growing strong while the weeds are being weeded out. If you do not take the initiative to do this you may find yourself with grass that is dying. The yard may look a lot less presentable with brown grass and weeds that do not give your yard the curb appeal that you were expecting. That is why it makes sense to utilize fertilizer to maintain a healthy yard.

What you are essentially doing is getting your lawn ready for the spring and summer months when you start fertilizing in the fall. A lot of people have the time frame confused. They may assume that they should start the fertilization process in the summer. Grass or weeds are naturally going to grow in the summer months. In order to prep your lawn so it will be healthy you must start in the fall after it has cooled down, but this is also before it gets too cold. This is when do the work that allows you to see a greener lawn when the summer months come in. This is basically the prep work that is being done to make sure that the lawn is continuing to get the proper coverage that is needed to reduce the type of lawn that you would like to see by spring.


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