5 reasons why air filters should be replaced regularly!

Ahead of peak summers and winters, you must consider getting your HVAC systems inspected for preventive maintenance. One of the core aspects is replace air filters, which should be done every month during peak seasons, according to Energy Star. At the very least, air filters should be cleaned once every month, and old ones should be replaced once in three to four months, depending on the use of HVAC units. Professional heating & cooling experts like EntrepriseB.Air can get the job done for a minimal cost, with assurance of delivery within two days. In this post, we are discussing the various advantages of replacing air filters regularly.

  1. To protect your HVAC units. More often than not, issues of heating & cooling systems are related to air filters. If air cannot pass through the filters, the motor will have to work extra hard to heat/cool your home, and that would mean spending on repairs sooner than expected. If the system is too old, you may even have to consider replacement.
  2. To keep energy bills in check. This one is a no-brainer. When the air filters are unclean, the entire HVAC unit needs more energy to run, and in no time, you will see a surge in your energy bills. If air filters are replaced regular and as recommended by the HVAC contractor, you can expect to cut down costs by at least 10%.
  3. To safeguard indoor air and environment. One of the foremost reasons to replace air filters regularly is to maintain indoor environment. If you have pets, young kids and older parents at home, this is an aspect that needs even more attention. Dirty air filters often lead to health issues and can trigger allergies and asthma bouts. For homes that have cats and dogs, air filters must be replaced more frequently, because of pet dander.
  4. To reduce repair expenses. While this can be considered as a secondary advantage, but replacing your air filters costs a lot less than doing repairs. In fact, even the simplest components of an HVAC system can cost huge when replaced. If you haven’t planned or saved enough for repairs, this could be a big, unexpected financial burden.
  5. Because it doesn’t cost a fortune. Replacing your air filters doesn’t have to cost a lot and it gives a sense of comfort and peace knowing that your home air is clean.

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