Different types of housing


A condominium is a single unit in a multi-unit building wherein lies all probability of sharing a wall with the neighbour. These houses don’t come with any front yard and they very much resemble apartments. A condominium includes a monthly fee which is required for maintenance and upkeep.

Duplex or Triplex

It is a building with several units. It is comprised of semi-detached houses with separate functioning units and entrances. Normally, people buy the whole property and rent out the units to help counterbalance loan payments. They may be row houses, detached or semi-detached houses.


As the name implies, it’s an individual house that usually accommodates a family. It probably comes with a fence and a yard. They’re very common in suburban areas that are outside the vicinity of cities, basically the outskirts. It may have a front porch and a driveway that leads up to the garage. There’s usually a conglomeration of houses in different neighbourhoods. Every one of the houses is typically owned by a family. However, in some cases, they may rent it out for others.

Cooperative housing

This is usually a corporation that owns real estate which is composed of two or more residential buildings. Corporate housing is largely prevalent in Finland. They don’t purchase the real estate directly but procure stock to become participants of a legal entity that buys real estate. It actually works out a lot cheaper. Since they’re all members of cooperative housing, everybody is required to pay a minimal amount every month for upkeep and maintenance. They are also required to interact socially with the other members of the housing.


It is basically a row of houses that are attached to each other. Like condominiums, there are shared walls. Sometimes, there could be another unit attached above each townhouse so there may be people living above you. They may have two or three storeys.

Semi-detached houses

They’re partially detached from the adjacent house. Unit owners are only responsible for the maintenance of their side of the property. It’s an attractive deal for people who wish to own their own house and the land that it is built upon. They work out a lot cheaper than individual houses. However, that rule may change with the area.

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