How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy and Hydrated in the Summer time

Taking care of your yard is important for maintaining the value of your property. A well-kept lawn will also make your home to look its best. Keeping your lawn in good condition also provides you with a lot of benefits. The information presented will explain how you can keep your lawn healthy and hydrated during the summer season. Once you put these lawn care tips into action, your home will be transformed into a great looking place within your neighborhood. 

Cutting the Grass is Essential for Maintaining a Healthy Lawn 

When you cut the grass on your property, your giving it a chance to properly grown and rejuvenate itself. Mowing makes a yard healthy by keeping its sunlight and water distribution even. In other words, your yard will receive almost the same amount of nutrients to grow evenly. Lawns that are not mowed tend to have uneven grass. This should be part of your lawn management care. The reason why this happens is because some parts of the lawn are getting more sunlight and water than others. Mowing just ensures that the blades of grass maintains a uniform appearance and that they receive resources at about the same level. Cutting the grass also helps to eliminate extra pests that feed on the grass and it also helps to keep debris out of the yard.

Use Fertilizers and Class Clippings 

In the past, people often raked their yards after they were finished mowing. Today, many people collect grass clippings in a special bag attached to their lawn mower. However, there are a lot of people who simply leave the grass clippings on their yard so it can help it to grow. Grass clippings are loaded with great nutrients and other important matter. Leftover clippings have beneficial nutrients and substances that can be used to improve the soil. Fertilizer also offers the same benefit. Homeowners that use fertilizer on their yard will give it an advantage by producing a healthy look lawn on the inside and out. 

Eliminate Weeds from your Yard 

Eliminating weeds from your yard is important for its health and appearance. You can eliminate weeds with your hand. This is usually the preferred method. You can also use certain chemical for eliminating weeds as well. Weeds are dangerous to grass because they kill it off by taking nutrients from the grass. Weeds can also cause your grass to stop growing by choking it out. By the way, if you constantly cut your grass too low you will inadvertently cause weed growth. Believe it or not, healthy grass stops weeds from taking over your lawn. 

The Importance of Hydrating your Lawn 

Hydrating your lawn is important because water is essential for grass growth and its appearance. Your lawn needs to be watered at least once a day during the early part of the day or during the evening hours. You should water your lawn with about 1 – 1 ½ – inches of water. You should never water your lawn in the middle part of the day. In the summertime, the middle part of the day is extremely hot. The heat will cause much (or some) of the water to evaporate. This means that the grass roots probably won’t get the amount of water they need to grow healthy and strong. Remember, water your lawn with enough moisture for growth. Don’t over water your grass or make it too soggy. The extra wetness will degrade the quality of soil and cause rapid growth. A muddy and insect ridden yard will result from an over watered yard.

Don’t forget to keep items off the yard during the summertime. Many children and teens often leave lots of outdoor toys and equipment in the yard. These items can damage the grass by inhibiting grass growth or tearing up the yard. You should also watch your children and how they play in your yard during the summer months. They can be extremely rough on the grass. Stay proactive with these lawn care tips to maintain your property during the summer months. 

Author Bio : Sarah works for YourGreenPal and she loves writing for lawns and gardens. 

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