How to Make an Old Home Look Modern Inside and Out

Many people these days opt for purchasing older homes as these tend to be more cost-effective even after the modern makeover. If you’re living in an old home yourself, you might want to take up certain projects which will transform your place into a modern and functional home inside and out. Obviously, you have all the creative freedom when it comes to sprucing up the interior and exterior of your home, but you also don’t need to stress yourself out if you can’t complete all of the projects quickly. Take things at your own pace for best results. 

Clean Everything Thoroughly

You can’t do much transforming if you don’t deal with the most basic step first – a thorough clean-up. That said, you should get rid of dirt, dust and debris both inside and outside your home. Vacuuming and then following up with surface cleaning with a damp cloth will also make a difference. And when it comes to more stubborn dirt which is common for decks, patios, driveways and exterior walls, power washing might be necessary. 

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Once you’re done with cleaning, it’s important to freshen up the look of your old home inside and out. There’s no better way to do that than by utilizing some effective paintwork. Most importantly, get rid of peeling paint and old wallpaper. Even if you like wallpaper, it’s better to use new one that features modern patterns you find appealing. Of course, neutral colours are very popular when modern trends are concerned. You can also play with the idea of accent walls. Don’t forget that your exterior probably needs fresh paint as well, together with outdoor structures such as shed and fence. If you want to repaint these, make sure to match the shades properly. 

Deal with the Carpeting

Old homes often have old carpeting. Now, you might really enjoy carpets yourself as they do tend to add a nice textural touch and warmth to the space. In case you really like the carpets you currently have, make sure to clean them properly. On the other hand, you can easily get new carpets for your home that will match the modern vibe you’re going for. Just make sure to check up the sizing first. Of course, bare floors are also very trendy; that said, you can also remove all the carpets, fix the floors if there’s any damage and only use area rugs for additional décor. 

Upgrade the Safety and Functionality of Your Home

In order to make your old home modern, the most important step might have everything to do with the overall safety and functionality concerns. For starters, old home might not live up to the modern standards when it comes to wiring and plumbing, and you need to address this issue as soon as possible. Also, you should improve the air quality as well as boost fire protection in your home. Proper installation and maintenance of kitchen fire ducts can effectively solve this particular problem, like these at Thorduct. What’s more, don’t forget to update your alarm system. And if you’re not sure whether there’s some asbestos in your home structure or not, request professional testing. 

Spruce Up Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Kitchen and bathroom could be dead giveaways of how old your home actually is. This is why renovating these rooms in your home should come first, especially if they really look old and worn. As mentioned, you should check the quality and durability of your plumbing system. And with that all sorted out, focus on the aesthetics and functionality. Old kitchen cabinets can be distressed for a nice rustic look but you can also replace them with new ones if they’re too far gone. Most importantly, gradually replace your kitchen appliances with energy-efficient ones. In the same vein, replace the fixtures in the bathroom and consider installing new shower/tub and toilet. 

Work on Your Yard

Aside from cleaning and repainting your exterior walls, fence and shed, it’s also crucial that you boost your curb appeal and tend to the landscaping. In that respect, you want to get rid of weeds, mow the lawn and prune the trees and shrubs. You can also use low-maintenance plants for almost effortless yard décor. New mailbox and house number together with modern outdoor lighting fixtures can also make a huge difference. And if you don’t have a deck/patio, consider adding one. 

Once you’re done with the transformative projects, you should definitely let yourself enjoy the process of decorating your home. This is where you can let your own personality and creativity shine so that you can add the personal touch to your new old home as well. 

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