Issues with Composite Decking

Composite material is a substitute to wood for decking purposes. The praises of composite decking have been sung all over. However, it is not there are problems with composite decking including:


One of the sorest matters with composite decking is how all good when it comes to composite decking from firms like Deckorum . There are issues will you expensive it is. Composite decking can be twice as expensive as regular wood decking material.

That is not all, due to the extra steps that need to during be done installation, composite decking will usually have more labor costs than regular decking. Every board must be drilled before the fastening process of decking. If it is not, it will bow and warp, ruining the integrity of the deck and putting you at risk

Therefore, also where composite decking is concerned, you pay more to buy the material and to get it fixed.


Majority of composite decking is made from recycled plastic and wood. The combination of these two materials helps to not only reduce rot but elongate the deck’s lifespan.

However, that does not mean that composite decking cannot be destroyed as many people will tell you. In fact, the boards ‘ surfaces are often easily scratched.

The problem with that is composite decking cannot be resurfaced as to wood decking which opposed can be resurfaced using many methods. It has been   stated that you can resurface a composite decking board using a heat gun and a wire brush but you will probably do more harm than good.


if composite decking is placed in a shaded area or somewhere that is often wet, it tends to fall victim to growing mold and staining the board. It is one of the most prevalent complaints among composite decking owners.

Though wood decking also can grow mold if put in damp places, it only requires cleaning and resurfacing for it to return to optimal condition. On the other hand, composite decking requires a significant amount of special chemicals to remove the mold and restore the surface.

Cleaning composite decking makes it even more susceptible to mold than before.

Fading of Color

many pictures of composite decking are of brand – new decks that have just been installed. If the deck were to be pictured months or years later, the picture would tell a drastically different story. Instead of stunning pictures of elaborately colored decks, you would have pictures of faded decks as that is what happens to composite decks when exposed to sunlight for a period of time.

Some products claim to fix the fade issue but there are more scams than truth in this area. Another argument is that wood decking fades too but wood can be re – stained.


A big issue with composite decking is that it can get too hot if exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time. Composite decks can be too hot to walk on with bare feet in such circumstances.

You can use lighter material that reflects more heat instead of darker material that absorbs it but the problem will still persist.

Composite material is great for decking but there are drawbacks to using it.

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