Pros and Cons of Ceramic flooring


Durability: The durability further aggrandizes the status of ceramic in the global market. It is sturdy and resistant to wear and tear. The material is dense and impervious to moisture and water, making it an ideal choice for both bathrooms and kitchens. The glaze reinforces the strength of ceramic by providing a protective shield, sheltering it from stains and chipping.

Maintenance: It can be easily cleaned and maintained, particularly if they are glazed ceramic tiles. Standard mopping can help eliminate traces of dirt, germs, or grime that is stuck to the surface. Since the surface is hard, it’s fairly simple and hassle-free to maintain. People suffering from dust allergies can pick this option without a second thought. Occasionally, heavy-duty cleaning agents like bleach or baking soda can be resorted to, in cases of stubborn stains that don’t budge easily.

Temperature and resistant to chemicals: They do not deteriorate in extreme weather conditions. Infact, it stays cool during summer and warm during winter. It does not corrode upon exposure to harsh chemicals.

Diverse: This is by far the best benefit that it can offer. It espouses the view of artistic diversity with various colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes. It’s easy to find a style that resonates with your personality. It could be classic, traditional, or contemporary. Ceramique au Sommet store Montreal caters to shoppers coming from all walks of life. They have a wide showroom, showcasing a large range of both wall and floor tiles.

The tiles cannot be placed haphazardly. Due considerations must be taken into account, depending on the designated space. For instance, accent tiles are used at the base of the cooking stove. Larger tiles can be employed for large kitchens, while small ceramic embellishments can make a style statement in tiny kitchens. Neutral colors work best.


Grout lines: The grout line is basically the tiny gap between adjacent tiles. Tiles are relatively easy to clean but it’s maintenance often overshadows the upkeep of grout lines. They are at the mercy of stains and a heavy build-up of grime or dust which can be emphasized without regular cleaning.

Hardiness: This is both a blessing and a curse. While it helps with durability, it can be rather unpleasant to stand on for long bouts of time. This can be prevented with the use of a carpet or mat. It can also become excruciatingly cold so it’s best to use socks.

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