Renovate your kitchen without spending a fortune  

Wishing for the dream kitchen is fine if you are comfortable with the big budget. For many, this big spend cannot be affordable and may mean many sacrifices. There are several ways you can update your kitchen without renovating them. Think hard about the renovation, do you really need to throw away the old cabinet? Do you really need the modern gadget? Should you expand your kitchen layout at the high cost and inconvenience? Look around and think again. The cabinets can be as good as new with painting and changes, the latest gadgets may not really add value and the extension of the kitchen is heavy on the pocket.

Here are a set of tips for updating your kitchen within your budget and at your convenience.

  1. Kitchen Cabinets.

New kitchen cabinets are very expensive. Your older kitchen cabinet is most likely solid wood and can be reworked to look almost like new. The following can make wonders to your cabinets:

  • Cabinet pulls- any kitchen cabinet can be updated by changing the hinges, knobs and pulls.
  • Sanding can remove the old stains and defects
  • A good paint job does the trick.
  1. Counter Tops.

You can save a fortune by looking around for a counter top to suit your budget. Many a times, you can just paste a granite slab over the existing counter.

You can be innovative and add different types of counter tops as per your need. For example, stainless steel near the faucet.

  1. Kitchen shelves.

Kitchen shelves can be updated by adding roll outs which are easily available in different designs and easy to fit.

  1. Lighting..

 Lighting and light switches play a major role in improving the kitchen in both utility as well as appearance. Just change the lighting with modern fittings which do not cost the earth and the effect is as good as new. This is the time to plan for ambient light and also focused light for work area. Use warm bright lights in kitchen rather than dull lights.

  1. Painting.

 A proper coat of paint, well chosen colours can make a big difference. Do not leave the painting to chance and plan well. Pastel colours are best for kitchens. Changing your curtain fitting and curtains is a very good idea.

  1. Faucet

Changing the ugly old faucet   to a more modern and convenient one is not just optional, but a must while renovating a kitchen. The change in look is dramatic.

  1. New appliances

Change only if needed. Basic brands equally do the job well and add the new look, but cost much lesser than the fancy brands recommended by the designer.

However if you still have spare money to partially replace or renovate, there is a reputable company like Cuisines Rosemere you may wish to contact.

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