Residential roof replacement: Some FAQs

There are many homeowners who simply are overwhelmed or confused when they are required to undertake the task of roof replacement. They do have several questions in their minds for which they require clarifications prior to going ahead with the replacement project. It also involves the kind of expenditure that they need to bear for the project. There are present limitless resources which can be used to derive vital information on old and damaged roof replacement. Contacting a reliable and reputed specialist in the domain is sure to help.

FAQs to know

  1. What is the longevity of the roof?
  2. The standard lifespan according to the well established roofing contractors for multi-storey and single storey residential properties is around 20 to 30 years, which again depends upon several factors. Level of upkeep, quality of installation and type of material used for construction purpose also are considered to be few influential factors to be taken into consideration.
  3. Does the roof require replacement?
  4. Numerous reasons are cited for roof or gutter replacement. There are circumstances such as fires, wear and tear that takes place with time and storm damage is few common reasons for the roof to be replaced. Few common signs which indicate replacement includes shingle damage (curling, buckling, warping, etc.), old age (about 20+ years), damaged roof valleys, excessive shingle los, mold growth, water leaks, shingle granules within the gutters, spongy or bouncy feel while walking, etc.
  5. Expenses involved in replacing existing roof?
  6. The good and reliable roofing contractors melbourne are sure to offer the very best quotes possible after checking thoroughly the present condition of the roof and the extent to which it has got damaged. There are various factors which determine the total cost. Primary factors include roofing material, square footage, roof accessories and the professional hired.
  7. Time taken to install new roof?
  8. The time to be dedicated to complete new roof installation again depends upon various factors like material, square footage, weather, crew and the project’s overall complexity. Average time to replace the roof is said to take around 1 day to several days.
  9. Is roof installation possible without professional help?
  10. The professionals are well equipped, talented, experienced and adequately trained to provide a good roof and guttering replacement job, something not possible by the home owner with no experience.

Above are few FAQs that can help to take the right decision in the home owner’s favor.

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