Top Reasons Why You Must Consider Customized Window Treatments!

Dressing windows of your dream home could be an overwhelming task. Done right, window treatments can transform interior theme and décor completely. Curtains, drapes, blinds, coverings – the choices are many, but instead of going for a standard idea, how about opting for customized window treatments? Yes, customizing window treatments and dressings may cost a tad more, but the price is worth every penny spent. In this post, we are discussing more on why this could be the choice that your home needs. 

  1. Because it’s for your home. Dealers like Store Urbain have a wide range of window treatments, and the best part is you can get something that works for your home. The sizes and shapes of windows are not same always in every home, and sometimes, customization is the only choice. With custom window treatments, you are assured that the final product is designed for your home. 
  2. Because this is more durable. Think of window treatments as a choice for the long run, and you wouldn’t be replacing these products for at least four to five years. By opting for customized blinds, curtains and coverings, it is possible to get something that can tackle the abuse that’s likely to occur on a day to day basis. 
  3. Because you want something unique. For a lot of homeowners, selecting customized window treatments is all about having a completely different look for their home. When you want your interiors to have a stamp of your own personal taste, this is the ideal choice. Moreover, you can get the print, color, and size of curtains/blinds that matches the rest of your home. It’s that effective in all ways. 

Tips that matter

If you want to get customized window treatments, make sure that you select the right dealer for the task. In all likeliness, they will send their experts to measure everything and check your home in detail, before they make suggestions. It may take a while, typically between two weeks to a month, to get the curtains/blinds ready, and you can expect to get an estimate in advance. The idea is to select a dealer who has a retail store and would be able to show real samples. 

Depending on your budget, you can even consider automated/motorized window treatments that are quite energy efficient and in trend at the moment. Talk to a dealer to know more on the choices, designs, themes and functionalities, keeping your home in consideration. 


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