Vinyl Window frames: The Wonder Material

When designing a new home or remodeling an existing one, we should always take into account the materials being used for the window frame and door frame. The materials should be chosen such that it complements the beautiful architectural design of the home and also tick all the performance aspects as well. 

In 2020’s Vinyl has once again garnered popularity, this time thanks to its versatility in making durable frames. While there are many options to choose from, vinyl window frames are the most desired ones in the home decor industry. Vinyl windows are made by extruding PVC, which forms their base material. Additionally, these windows might have metal in their composition to provide a sturdier internal structure. 

Why opt for Vinyl windows?

Vinyl windows are chosen just because of the fact that they’re inexpensive and have higher longevity compared to traditional wooden and aluminum frames. The durability of vinyl windows is far more appreciable than wooden windows which have high risks of ant and termite infestation. Vinyl is versatile and thus can be custom fabricated to any size, also vinyl frames are built with honeycomb structure and thus offer excellent thermal insulation. Better thermal insulation means that your air conditioner requires far less power as the heat intrusion from the outer surrounding is very minimal. 

Moreover in winter, these windows help in keeping the weather elements at bay. Vinyl windows in Glendale, California is more of a necessity than an option especially considering the warm Californian weather. Vinyl windows are pretty easy to install and comes with a low maintenance cost. Any dirt can be wiped off easily whereas in wooden frames one would need to apply varnish as the wooden frames age. 


At the end it comes down to one’s personal choices and is predominantly based on needs and wants. We should make a list of priorities that one would expect from the material, if low maintenance and energy efficiency lands at the top of the list, then vinyl window frames are an obvious choice over wooden frames. Vinyl window frames are commonly available as compared to wooden frames. They are available literally in each and every locality.

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