A well-maintained roof is crucial for the well-being of the home. It protects your home not only from different weather conditions but also from severely damaging your home. If your roof has served many years and has started to show signs of trouble, then maybe it is time to consider replacing it. Roof replacement is not a cheap option but it has a long term value. You can’t judge from the outside whether the roof needs repairing or replace, hence, you will need a complete roof audit to assess the condition of the existing roof and make the right decision. There are multiple reasons why roof can get damaged. A damaged eavestrough or gutter can severely harm the roof, in such a case contact Oakville eavestrough repair and get the repairs done before it harms your roof.

What are the common roof problems?

Missing Shingles: missing shingles in certain areas of your roof can be easily replaced. You shouldn’t wait too long to replace missing shingles as empty spaces can cause serious roof leaks which damage the roofing material completely and could also force you to invest in a fresh installation.

Damaged flashing: Getting the roof repaired or completely replaced can avoid the flooding problem.

Gutter damage: Roof gutters need to be replaced several time over the life of the roof. Sometimes the gutters get clogged which also causes damage to the roof. A quick gutter replacement can be handled by an experienced roofing contractor.

When is the right time to invest in a new roof?   

If the damage to your roof isn’t minor, then it is time to invest in a new roof. Curling shingles, shingles which are shedding their granules, old and worn out roofing, damaged caused by severe weather conditions and constantly spending money to fix the roof are some of the common signs of the need to replace your roof.

Is the new roof a cheaper option in the long run?

Sometimes it is better to consider replacing the entire roof than just small sections which are showing problems. It is cheaper than handling one issue now and for the years to come. There are several variables which should be considered and weather in your area is one of them. If your house is situated in an area with severe weather conditions then patching a small section of the roof might not solve your problem. Re-roofing using a more durable material is a more cost-effective option. This also implies that you won’t have to spend money every year than dealing with the same roofing issue every year.

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