What Is The Use For My Carpet

The carpet is very common and is commonly a traditional upholstery in the rooms. However, its use is not limited to this piece. Indeed, many offices opt for this flooring. How to know which carpet is made for professional use and domestic use?

Choosing your alfombras para uso rudo is essential. Whether it’s for your meeting room or any room in your home, you need a carpet that fits that use.

What Use For My Carpet

You have to ask yourself what will be the use of your carpet.

The traffic of the room is important, the number of people within your home or business.

A hall, a meeting room, a reception room, or even stairs need a great resistance to the traffic and of course, to the resulting wear and tear. While a dining room will be less exposed as for rooms where the carpet will be subjected to less passage, if you want to put your carpet in a bathroom, then you must make sure that it is rot-proof.

Here are two summary tables of resistance according to the classes of use of your alfombras para sala. A usage class includes criteria that quantify the strength of a floor covering. Of course, if a coating corresponds to commercial use, it also corresponds to domestic use (often less intense than the first).

Carpet For Events

The carpet is often used at events, trade shows, or exhibitions. Simple to pose, roll the time of the event, and the turn is played. Extremely popular, the carpet delivers a unique atmosphere to your pisos tipo madera. A sporting event, a wedding, or a salon to represent your business: think of the rug.

 These rolls of carpet are made especially for these occasions; the carpet is fine but very resistant which allows a total adaptation of the textile covering.

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