Which One To Prefer – Acrylic or Canvas Print?

It is rather tricky to suggest whether acrylic or canvas print because both have their merit as well as elegance! However, it all depends upon the images which you want to print and the purposes you want to perform after the prints.You may be a skilful photographer yourself or have hired a professional photographer for snapping quality images of your special moments in your life if you do not choose the appropriate photo print solution your numerous photo suit planning as well as the memories of special moments of your life would prove futile. Get the professional photoprint solution from Big acrylic printseither you opt for acrylic prints or canvas prints or metal prints as your photoprint solutions.

The canvas prints are done by printing directly on a cotton or polyester canvas and then after exposing it to the UV light to protect them from cracking and fading. After the necessary finishing, the canvas prints are delivered either for hanging on the walls or to preserve it by wrapping the image around the stretchers or sometimes using a coloured or shite border. Some people prefer canvas gallery wraps larger or smaller called bespoke sizes. On the other hand, acrylic prints use photo paper to print and then the printed image is kept in between two acrylic sheets. The back sheet of acrylic can be white or black of transparent depending on the image. You can also use aluminium standoffs to attach the acrylic frame to the wall.

While displaying the final product the acrylic provides the vibrant and sharp images. Though acrylic is still not used as popular as the canvas prints, acrylic prints are eventually getting popular. The canvas prints representa textured finishing towards producing an authentic look. Canvas prints are more affordable and easy prints and that is the reason they are more popular in the contemporary period particularly in office decorum and commercial purposes.

When it comes to colour, acrylic goes far beyond the canvas print because of its glass-like shiny glaring. Since light passes through the acrylic prints deep and rich colours maintain their vibrancy. On the other hand,more, colours need to be carefully incorporated to ensure keep the colour vibrancy.

The durability is perhaps the most important components of both acrylic and canvas prints. Acrylic in itself is durable, but the canvas is exposed to UV light to ensure long-lasting. However, acrylic print is considered shatter-resistant, provides UV protection to prevent damage from sunlight, and lighter than glass. Some acrylic prints are claimed scratch resistant.

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