A satisfactory vacuum cleaner is first and foremost an efficient vacuum cleaner adapted to the needs of your use. In addition it must match the characteristics of your home. Do not lose sight of:

  • The nature of the soil that you will have to aspire (smooth floor, linoleum, carpet, fabric, tapestry, tablecloth, furniture).

The size of your home (area of ​​the rooms that make up your home, presence or not of a floor) matters in there. Do you have a large area to clean with your vacuum cleaner? Choose a vacuum with a significant capacity of storage (liters), as well as a satisfactory radius of action (length of the cord in particular). Indeed, your needs are not the same depending on whether you live in a studio or a house. From 80m ², the capacity of the bag must be at least 4 liters if you do not want to have to change the bag of your vacuum too often. For the bissell crosswave reviews this is important.

Less than 50m²? A bag of 2 liters is enough

The main user of the tool and its daily use (frequency of use) would love it. In case you have stairs in your home or if you suffer from back pain for example, it will be necessary to pay attention to the weight of the device as well as its ergonomics (carrying handle, controllable telescopic tube). The people who make up your family (children, users, allergic people, animals) would be aware of that.

The characteristics of the vacuum cleaner

To choose a vacuum cleaner, you have to look at certain criteria:

  • The useful power of the model,
  • The suction type (horizontal suction or vertical suction),
  • The suction system (with or without bag),
  • The filtration type of the vacuum cleaner (HEPA, or not, washable, or not, etc.),
  • The level of decibels emitted (be careful not to exceed 74 dB),
  • The field of action (size of the cord),
  • The weight of the model,
  • Accessories accompanying the vacuum cleaner (brushes, extension, tips, power controllers, etc.).

The different types of vacuum cleaners

Sled vacuums: These are the most represented vacuum cleaners with 97% of the market (of which two thirds with bag and one third without). They are all alike: a head allowing suction connected to a long hose and a body with wheels. Air is directed into a bag through a suction effect and passes through one or multiple filters before being discharged to the outside without the pollutants.

Some models replace the bag with a tank, empty or filled with water. Water to concentrate and collect dust without them leaving the conduit. Even if the similarities are quite similar according to the models, the simplicity of use and the power of aspiration can vary considerably according to the models the price also.

It is therefore necessary to set a budget before moving on to the purchase. There are many vendors who praise the merits of certain brands. This is of little value. Also, you can forget the power of the engine and the air flow. In reality, the quality of a model depends mainly on its useful or restored power (an indication often hidden by manufacturers) and the design of the suction head.

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